Sunday, December 6, 2009

One more time for Gramps

I put up another version of this scene last week and one way back when I first started the blog. What can I say, I like the idea and haven't got it down to where I'm satisfied. If I try it again it will be a painting instead of a drawing but this was good enough to show .

We just got two new kittens in our household which if your a cat person you know can be interesting. We had talked about it for awhile but my wifes dog was hazardous to kittens or other small animals. Unfortunately he had to be put down a few weeks ago, getting some kind of cancer that took him down pretty quickly at least. We loved him but he had bitten one person and the animal thing so it was kind of bittersweet seeing him go. The wifes family comes here Christmas eve, kids run around wild and I always worried he would nip someone. This year I will have to only worry about the kittens welfare.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Just a tree, no reference for this.something from the imagination. Hope all had a good Thangsgiving day. I stayed home and enjoyed peace and quiet while the wife went off to be with her family. No turkey on Thursday but did get myself a nice steak to enjoy with my solitude and the wife bought a turkey which we had today so was good all around.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Young Lady, head and shoulders

This girl is inspired from a photo I have on my hard drive, an auction I bid on but didn't win, someone wanted it more then I. I kept the image though, not that you can tell from my drawing ( I have changed her a lot) as the girl in the photo has a haunting beauty about her.

The drawing is Neocolor II, pen and ink and some watercolor pencil, not everything in my toolbox but spreading it around a little.

For anyone that checks the photo blog I haven't posted there for a good while and do intend to start up again but maybe focused more on the ads then photos, mix of both at least. I always feel like the photos don't mean much to most people as I lack information for many of them. Usually I buy them because I just like the image and the info was never there or sometimes I have carelessly lost it. Anyway if you like the old magazine ads check there in the next week or so and I will have something new up.

I wish all that read this a happy and safe Thangsgiving.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009


Posting has become more infrequent I know, not that I have abandoned it but just haven't had anything much I wanted to share lately. I scanned a few drawings today that I have done lately and will likely post them in the next few days. This one is like so many, loosely based on a vintage picture of a house that I liked.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


This started out to be an ink sketch I was going to add watercolor to but I got carried away with the ink so not sure now if I will try to add color. When you do too much inking it makes it harder to add color I suppose because the ink soaks in and fills the paper fiber and leaves little room for the pigment of the paint.. I have a couple other sketches in the wings that I didn't take too far and have some new watercolor I want to try out so will likely post them soon.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Monday, October 12, 2009


No doubt it would be easier to use ink with a brush but other then that to cover large areas the faber-castell big brush pens are nice. I think they only make them in the gray scale though.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Vintage Auto

The usual suspects as far as medium, pen and ink with watercolor pencil and some Neocolor.

Drawing cars for me is kind of a love hate thing, now and then it goes pretty easy and I have fun with it which is the whole idea but more often it ends up with me wasting a lot of paper and repeatedly asking myself why the hell I am doing this. I can't even narrow it down to one thing unless its loss of brain cells. There may be a natural limit talentwise but thats not what I mean, one time it will be forgetting little things like drawing the headlights in (which I did this week and on a drawing that turned out pretty good, better then this one in fact) or other times its forgetting which direction my perspective is from one end of the thing to the other. Most often its the #$#(( tires. Tires aren't perfectly round of course unless your looking at them dead on and they aren't grounded. More often they are seen from an angle. I have those circle templates but try not to use them. Never mind all this, just bitching while I'm waiting for the upload to finish.

Anyway, the weather is discouraging, getting way too cool too early to suit me and somehow summer came and went and I didn't even notice

. Good the thing finished so I can stop complaining and post this, bye.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It takes a Village

This is the kind of thing I draw when I'm bored and can't think what I want to draw or am failing at what I want to draw, kind of clears the mechanism or something. Just start with a structure or bit of landscape and keep going. Usually ends up in the wastebasket and maybe this one should have but it didn't. Usually I like to do a birds eye view. This one is fantasy based but sometimes something more real.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Grandpa by the shed

This is a picture I have done a number of times. I think I posted a different version of it way back when I started the blog. It's inspired by a photo I have of my grandfather stiing near the shed on the farm he lived on the last years of his life. ( He and grandma weren't farmers but always lived on farms, this one belonging to her family who were farmers)

I don't know that there will be more posted but this isn't the last I will do of it, keep at it until I get it right. Like a lot of things I see in my head, I know there is a great picture there but getting it on paper or canvas falls short.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Vintage Gas

This pretty much out of my head of course influenced by my collection of old photos etc.

As usual mostly pen and ink and Neocolor II, my favorite stuff to try and make pictures with.

Nice quiet day here today, a break from Dave and Kathy's taxi and babysitting service. The wife nagged me into mowing the front yard ( it did need mowing) but it's pretty much all I had to do today. The Bears even won alhtough it wasn't looking pretty at the start so mark this day up as a good one.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Another Girl

Another kind of pin up girl picture, pen and ink and Neocolor II. When I was younger I would draw girls like this more often but for some reason my wife didn't like it. I would tell her it was just artistic expression but she would say I could express myself by drawing a nice bowl of fruit.

Of course that was back when I would let her see my drawings to get her judgement on how I was doing. I don't do that anymore, pretty much knowing what she thinks and unable to take criticism that well.

I don't think it matters to her much now what I draw, she doesn't pay any attention except for the rare time I might ask for an opinion on something and besides we both know I'm pretty much harmless as far as women go by now. I like the picture, not going to ask her what she thinks.

Weather around here is good but late September always sucks to me. Getting dark earlier, getting cooler at night ( wife just went around closing the windows in fact.) Halloween stores already popping up. All of it reminding me that another winter is closing in on us.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Dangerous Babe

Change in subject matter a bit and style a bit. I've been having trouble finishing anything and more being happy with what I finish and thought maybe it's from drawing the same old same old day after day so playing came up with this. I always liked comics and still do for that matter. Most of my drawing is "cartoony" although I admit its just how it comes out, not really on purpose but this at least is intentional. Anyway, I had fun with it so if your looking here your likely to see more like it. I thought of putting more color in the background but stopped on purpose. I can't afford the fancy art programs but have a free one called the "gimp" I downloaded some time ago but haven't put much effort into learning it yet. Maybe I'll use this to play with it and see if I can figure it out.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


I finished this cartoon a couple of days ago and wasn't going to post it but haven't put anything up lately so might as well. Not that I was that unhappy with it even though I kind of lost the whole perspective thing at one point. The drawing below I started as a wip didn't end well. I wont do that again unless I have already finished the whole thing first.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Another WIP

Another work in progress series, this one inspired by a television show I was watching today.

So far this is all one pen, a faber-castell Sepia. I hop around in the drawing, working on one area until it was done would make me loopy ( loopier maybe). I also work on several drawings on one time for the same reason, to ward off boredom. On the drawing board now are some sunflowers and a scantily dressed girl. Maybe I'll post those also. Could I have a hand vote for which? The sunflowers? Well OK, I'm surprised but always in favor of what the majority wants.

There was a time I thought I was pretty smart about technology but I have to admit it seems to have passed me by. I did get the internet activated at the house and now have one notebook computer that I can access it from but trying to set up my "home network" is not going anywhere quick. Mostly I use a PC, that hooked up to my scanner/printer and still operating off dial up ( not going to disconnect that until I'm certain I know what I'm doing.) I've been reading a bunch of stuff about how to and etc and it seems to make sense while I'm looing at it but after I realize that most of it I have no idea what they are talking about. Anyone know the brain cell die off rate after age 59 or so?

Friday, September 4, 2009


Same picture as yesterday a little further along. I am not thrilled with the picture but I like doing this, might become a regular feature here. Thing about what I am going to write that I did actually helps me think more about what it is I'm going to do as I work.

Today I wanted to increase the contrast between the background and the hair so I darkened the background and added opposite crosshatching to the blouse again to create texture, give it the appearance of cloth weave. I also added some stippling to the face etc.

My advice to any artist is never point out your mistakes, people find them on thier own and if they don't all the better but as this is an exercise it seems proper. Theres probably plenty wrong with it but the necklace leaps out at me, no reason for it to lay that way and doesn't add the lack of 3d which I'm not happy with to start with. Sure there is more but that just off the top of my head. Anyone reading that has something to add feel free, go ahead, rip it apart.

I'll probably finish it up, see what I can do but wouldn't if it wasn't for starting this thing here.

Maybe documenting it all will help me improve, add to that thinking process I talked about.

Oh yeah, the light, someone with a good eye and pickly will no doubt say my lighting is uncertain. I had that thought but at the moment more concerned with the contrast then where the light is coming from but that does need change as well.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

WIP, pen and ink

Still don't have anything really to post so thought I would show what I am doing right now and update as I finish it unless of course it hits the round file. This is all pen and ink with a lot of stippling, kind of an experiment to do the shading etc in stippling. I like the effect some get using stippling, of course the bad part the time consuming part of it. I use the stippling also in the background with gray over it to give some texture. I suppose right now a couple hours worth to answer the oft asked question.

C**mcast was here today, put two more tvs up at least and installed internet although I can't use it yet. I was afraid of that, because of where they installed it he couldn't or wouldn't run the wire to where my computer is two rooms away. They chose the location for the modem when they installed the phone and I should have objected then but it wasn't on my mind then. I ordered an ethernet cable and a router so by next week I should be able to do the hook up myself. I still end up paying the same outragous amount which was one of my complaints and even a few bucks more although I supposedly got the internet for freee but worth it not to go through the hassle of switching everything. I'm not thrilled with the company but I should say every technician they have ever sent out has been really nice and willing to take the time to make sure its all done right ( except for installing the wire today which I suppose he couldn't do)

Pen and Ink

Just a pen and ink that originally I wasn't going to post but for lack of anything better up it goes.
We had the grandsons birthday party here on Sunday. My daughter lives in an apartment and of course not enough room there. I still remember having like one birthday party when I was a kid and it was a cake and ice cream thing with some hats. My wife didn't want to cook so she had it catered from a local pizza etc restaurant, not pizza but beef and chicken and some italian noodle thing I forget. Two cakes, ( not sure why two) and of course the ice cream. Mostly adults at it, a few kids but more family and my daughters friends kid. I guess the grandson enjoyed it but things sure change.
FInished dealing with Com**ast ( don't want to use the name because it will end up alerting them like its a new beef) I ended up staying with them, not sure why as we were looking to save money and that didn't happen but they did add the internet for "free". Almost free anyway, they sure don't like to give up any of those bucks they have been getting out of you. Probably should have switched to another outfit but it seems like a hassle to do that and probably a new provider would be no less greedy then these guys. Anyway they are supposed to be here to set it up this afternoon so hopefully my next post will be faster upload which means I will ramble on like this less while I'm waiting for it.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Princess of ?, Pen, Ink and water stuff

Just finished this, haven't thought of an appropriate title yet but like it enough I have to give it one. I don't name most of them but when I finish something I like I have to give it an identity. It's ink and different waterbased media, neocolor II, watercolor pencil. 9x12, so we are in for a wait while it uploads.

I have promised myself to call comcast this week and get the high speed internet, either from them or someone else. They started us out sometime back with the "introductory rate" for phone and tv ( remember when tv was free? or when it cost a little but there was no commercials and now we have the large fee and commercials and it's going up every month.)

Anyway we started out paying around $100 a month for the phone and tv with a movie package and after the rate ended it started going up and up and now averages around $160 for the same stuff. I know someone that just got a three bundle from them for the same hundred a month and they threw in a free notebook computer. So I'm going to call and if they don't lower the rate and give me internet I'm thinking a switch to someone elses introductory rate. It's a hassle but I guess the thing to do is switch carriers every year.
Kids are back in school , got up today and had to go get my daughter and bring her hear so she could take a shower as they are working on her water and then take her to work, an hour later pick up the grandson and the other boy from the busstop and bring them here so that an hour later we could pick up the daughters boyfriend from work ( I let the wife do that). It's a good thing they don't pay us or we would have to get a taxi license. Man it's good to be retired and have nothing to do all day long.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


I mentioned we went to a wedding not long ago. One nice thing from it is that we got a family photo which we had not before. Seldom are we all together with a photographer ready and willing and they were doing it there . Always good to have a face to go with the words so I decided to share this with those that visit here. The scraggly old guy with the hat is yours truly and my wife, Kathy in front. To my right is our daughter Heather and her two children, Colin and April. To my far left is our son Rick and on his right his girlfriend Carrie. Missing is Ricks daughter who lives and goes to school in Kentucky. The cardboard cutout in the back is Hulk Hogan who is no realation but was hanging around that day for some reason.

The Dock

An admittedly rough drawing inspired by you guessed it, an old photo in my collection. No idea of the location but I have changed it quite a bit anyway. I think it would make a nice painting maybe if I could only light a fire under my lazy self to do so. Drawing can be an art form on its own no doubt, especially from someone a bit more skilled then myself but in my fantasy world I do see myself as a painter. I have done paintings in the past, quite a few but not much lately. It all boils down to laziness. drawing is easy to me, some paper and pens or pencils that I pretty much leave out and ready when the urge strikes. painting is a little more involved, have to get the materials out, mix the colors, protect it until it dries, clean the brushes.

When I was much younger I painted in oils. Oils take forever to dry and at the time we had both kids and animals in the house. There was always the danger of one or the other getting into the oil paints and creating thier own masterpiece. Probably should have arranged and let them go for it, might have made millions. Now I use only water based paints which dry much quicker and the clean up is much more easy. Maybe I'll get them out and see if I can do something with this.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Vintage Lady Pen and Ink

Another pen and ink. The woman is a combination of a couple of different old photos and the rest is out of my noggin.

I wasn't being truthful about the tomato plants, the dog doesn't really pee on them. Don't want anyone throwing up if I offer them some tomato or something with them in it. They are set back far enough and I promise we wash them real good. While I am on it though and again waiting for a large image to upload, does anyone have one of those hanging tomato plants they advertise every year. We bought one this year and I'm less then impressed. Not sure what it is but it seems like the bag doesn't hold enough water. The leaves are alwlays withered and dried up looking. We have other plants in big pots and they are doing ok but the hanging plant hasn't anything on it yet and although we haven't given up I don't think it's going to produce. So if anyone was thinking about buying one my reccomendation is save your money.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Faber broad tip

I used the Faber Castell broad tips for most of this,didn't start out to but ended that way. I like using them as it kind of makes me work looser. Sometimes I get anal about working over little details and trying to make it look right in the end making it all just awful. The broad brush tips are more like painting and it seems to kind of just flow. Anyway it seemed to here.

Hard to believe its the middle of August already. I'm still waiting for summer to start and it's almost over. My wife is happy being the family bill payer as the air conditioner has hardly been run at all this year. It was hot around here the last few but cooled last night and we turned it off again. I like to be comfortable but would rather sweat a bit then go a long time with the house all closed up. Get those windows open and a little fresh air inside. ( it could have something to do with the animals and my smoking I suppose.) Also a public service announcement while I'm waiting for this to upload. Last year we had to replace the air conditioner. The guy said it went bad due to our male dog constantly urinating into it, acidity burned something out. We now have a fence around it so when he lifts his leg it protects the air conditioner. Of course now that the fence is there he takes his business elsewhere, like the tomato plants or such. Anyone care for a nice BLT?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Pen and Ink Stret Scene

A pen and ink drawing, mostly fantasy although a couple of the figures are from my collection of vintage models as in the old photos I collect. All faber castell pens, my favorite drawing tool. Better to me then most ink pens as it is india ink and waterproof instead of "water resistant" like a lot of pens read in the fine print. They also make a wide variety of inks and nibs in thier ready to go pens.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Another Barn

Actually the same barn as last week, inspired by the same photo anyway. Again a mix of Neocolor, watercolor pencils and ink.

Monday, August 3, 2009


A large file so if I could stand the long upload time your looking at sunflowers done with a mix, Neocolor, watercolor pencil wet and dry and ink. I do sunflowers often. I like all flowers but sunflowers are my favorite I think. Blackeyed susans a close second.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Friday, July 31, 2009

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pen and Ink

This is a pen and ink drawing mainly of the boy who is taken from an old photo I have. I have drawn this kid a few times and never got him like I wanted, what I see in the picture. In the photo he looks like a tough little b**$#ard leaning against the pole but I'm not getting that from my drawing, something in the stance is wrong. Oh well, I'll keep working on it and maybe you'll see this kid again.

We went to a wedding Saturday, my wifes niece. It was held on a golf course, something I'm sure happens every day but I've never heard of it , probably because I don't golf and avoid weddings as much as possible. Kind of put me in mind of Gerald Ford ( I think he was the one always beaning people with golf balls, wasn't he?) It turned out fine, nobody got beaned, didn't even hear anyone yell four! and the couple are nice people and will have a good life together.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Old Drawing

This is something I did last year, maybe the year before. It was supposed to be in the "never to be seen again drawer" I mentioned but somehow it had escaped so I figure it wanted to be posted which is convenient as I had nothing else I really wanted to post today

The drawing is a little "different" but if I had anything in mind when I did it I've forgotten what it was.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Progress misses

This structure is across from a fairly large shopping center and next to a major thoroughfare, not sure who the land belongs to. Just my impression of the building done after comming home, something I pass often and mean to get some pictures of as reference before it gets torn down but never do. Maybe the land is park district or something, that could protect it as the land is of course valuable enough that this survival is unusual.

Monday, July 20, 2009

1920's Girl

As often the case my model is a girl from a vintage photo in my collection. I didn't do her justice, she was quite pretty honest. No matter as she doesn't complain and can hold the pose forever so I can try again. This in pen and ink with Neocolor and a bit of watercolor pencil.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Barn one more time

This drawing was headed for the never to be seen again drawer where by all rights it should be but after posting yesterday I was watching television and had all these watercolor pencils laying about on the table ( I never put anything away, just ask my wife) So anyway the barn got a coat of color and here it is once more. It might even show up again as I have some thoughts about opaque watercolors I have laying around somewhere.

We cooked out again today, enough for a week of meals but it wont last that long, such a glutton I am but once again I swear food is just better when it's cooked outside. Stop by for a brat or a dog before I eat them all.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

1920 Barn

Drawing in sepia pen from an old photo in my collection, largely embellished of course. I love old barns, something that around here at least are harder to find every day or at least you have to travel a little further to find them. All the land they sit on is too valuable now to let sit dormant. When I was a kid it seemed like they were everywhere. Aint progress wonderful.

Friday, July 17, 2009


Second post here today so look under this one also. I had scanned this one awhile ago and then decided I didn't like it so wasn't going to show anyone. Thinking about it today though I realize I have posted plenty of stuff I didn't like and sure wasn't proud of. It's kind of a strategy, post drawings that are pretty bad and then when I put up a good one people say " wow, he's really getting better."


You might think that after not posting anything for ten days I could come up with something better then a couple of doodles from my sketchbook but you would be wrong. Some days, weeks, months whatever just go like that, plenty of drawing and nothing worth posting. (not that this is but don't want my few readers to go away) If you draw or write or do anything I'm sure you know those times come where you do nothing but fill the wastebasket :).

The wife and I went to see the new Harry Potter movie yesterday. I like the movies, in fact think it's a great series. Love the graphic effects in all of them and the story has been good and seeing the kids grow up through it all makes it all the better. This one wasn't my favorite although again the characters are growing up and we see romantic interests developing. I won't say anymore about it as I don't want to ruin anyones experience.

My wife is the Harry expert here. She has read all the books, probably twice and seen the movies more then that. She kind of ruins it for me as she had filled me in on what would happen before we ever thought about going. She also spends hours telling me how the movies do not follow the books and what is left out and changed and this and that, things I don't care much about. I do intend to read the books sometime but always seem to have something else to do. (besides we have mostly the pocket sized books and being closing in on sixty now I tend to fall asleep after reading small print for more then five or ten minutes.) Takes me about a month to read the average book anymore.

The doodles here were on the way back on the surprise trip to Target where she just ran in to pay her bill. An hour later I had done these and a bunch others. I always take a sketch book or magazine or something when we leave the house as there is always a surprise stop that will just take a few minutes.

I do have another drawing scanned that I wasn't going to post but if this uploads soon I will. Also have two new posts on the other blog if you feel like looking.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Urban Cartoon Pen and Ink

Maybe not one of my proudest efforts at drawing but something I had fun doing so I'm going to share it. It does at least get me away from the head and shoulder rut I was in for posting like I said I wanted to. There wasn't any reference, just something that started out of the head. I do like streetcars so am always trying to draw them but never come up with anything I like a whole lot.

It was hard to concentrate finishing this up as in the next room the wife and grandson ( same one with the watermelon) are in the next room playing some video game. It's like listening to two little kids arguing. I did go in once and tell them if they couldn't play nice together that he would have to go home or maybe both should do some corner time. It's mostly him of course although the games are my wife's obsession but they get so serious about it it's scary.

Summer seems to have came and went, one week of heat and now it's kind of like fall, nice and cool, most definitely not complaining, I like it like this as long as it doesn't mean an early winter.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Wanted to get away from the head and shoulder thing but was a little busy the last few days and this is about all I have to post at the moment.

I hope everyone had a good and safe fourth of July. Our's was relatively good, the relatively all the inlaws that gathered here to celabrate as I mentioned before. Things went pretty well, no injuries to report and the after incident damage list is small compared to past years.

In the past I have grilled but this year the wife decided to get catering. I would guess the cost was about the same and certainly less work for yours truly. I do like to cook on the grill but not for large crowds. The catering actually led to the only two near injuries we had. We had some of the food staged in the garage part of it being a large bag of Kaiser rolls. When the wife went to get them they were nowhere to be seen so of course she called me to look. I went out and searched for like twenty minutes ( I had seen them there that day, knew they were there) I had also seen my grandson and his cousin out there earlier, had chased them out of the garage in fact as they were rearanging the whole garage and making a mess. So when I went in to search the house I asked the boys if they had done something with the rolls to which they looked up innocently at me and said " why no, what Kaiser rolls?"

Such two little angelic faces you have never seen so why would I doubt them so anyway after a ten minute search of the house I went back to the garage along with one of my brother in laws and made another good twenty minute search there. Again we came up empty and I'm not sure who it was that asked did we check the dryer or why they would think to but of course that where the rolls were along with a watermelon that we had not yet known was missing. Turns out of course the grandson and cousin thought it might be funny to hide the rolls and melon in the dryer. I'm sure it was to them and lucky I have entered into a non violent stage of life . Ghandi would be proud, don't think they even got yelled at, not by me anyway although I admit for a minute I thought about putting them in the dryer for a ten minute tumble ( on low heat of course, I'm not a monster)
Anyway the day went well, early sprinkles left and the Village fireworks were exploded, people ate and talked and went home and the day after we're left with a lot of leftovers and a fairly quiet house. Hope yours was at least as good.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Another Portrait

It's not that I haven't been drawing, I always draw but I don't always "finish" I wasn't all that happy with this and it almost hit the round file but I delayed and then decided I didn't hate it that much, something to keep and work from.

We have been busy, think I mentioned before that the wifes family gathers here on the fourth and she is busy getting the house and yard ready for that which means we are busy getting the house and yard ready. There's a big difference in viewpoints there because to me the house and yard are ready right now for just about anybody to come by but for her it isn't and will never be.

It happens whenever we have something and leads to a period of small arguments, mumbling and grumbling ( by me ), threats and yelling ( by her ) and compromise and grudgingly working together ( by both of us). Eventually the day comes and is suffered through and then is over until the next time. At least we are down to only two events a year and even an antisocial layabout like myself can tolerate that.
It cooled off a lot today which helps and makes me feel easier about what next months electricity bill will look like. It was so hot for awhile that everything in the garden was drooping despite watering but hopefully things will perk up now.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Another pen and ink, this time a lady, also a large one so takes a while to upload. I like pen and ink but need to learn to work even smaller I think.

Also another hot day here. Went to the grandson's next to last ball game for the year, first one they have had under the lights. Somehow it adds a little to it although it didn't help thier play any. I don't think they have won a game this year which ties the record for the last year. If they win the next game ( the last regular season) they make the playoffs. Not sure how that happens if you only win one game but it does. He doesn't seem inclined to return next year which probably doesn't have much to do with the team record. He just isn't the "jock" type and certainly doesn't have baseball in his blood. He's played for three years so at least he gave it a try and that's good enough for me.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Another pen and ink, really my favorite thing to do. Actually have another also planned for the next post but wont get ahead of myself.

This is my second attempt at posting this. Lately when I hit publish post I've been getting an error message saying "bad request" but then when I have checked it has always posted anyway, until today anyway where there was nothing. Made me mad as it's a large drawing which takes a long time and I had written a lot besides. Oh well, stuff happens.

It was hot here today, wont say how hot because friends like Mike would probably say " that isn't hot" but for us northlanders it was hot.

The day didn't turn out too bad though, took my wife to get her license renewed which went pretty quick and then shopping at Lowe's ( shopping one of my least favorite activities but it didn't go so bad, pretty short)

A few other stops and on the way home we decided to stop for lunch at Applebee's here in town.

It seemed like a good idea but after going in and finding it was as hot or hotter in there then outiside we weren't so sure. When the waiter came I asked the obvious, was the air out and he said yes, it had gone down that day. The wife and I discussed it and when he came back we said we would like our food to go, not bitching or anything, just better to take it home and eat where our air was working.

I don't think we were bitching anyway but a few minutes later a manager came over and apologized and again we said fine, no problem but still wanted to take it out. Then another manager followed and again apologized. We don't look like anyone important, honest and we go there now and then but not real often. Anyway the first manager returned after the second left and said since we were inconvenienced the meal was on the house. I had thought with the heat it might be nice if they threw the drinks in free but nope, the manager picked up the whole check, $35 worth. (we left a nice tip for the waiter of course) I thought it was pretty nice of them so that why I tell it here but can't guarantee it to be nationwide policy so don't drive around looking for Applebee's with no air conditioning on my word.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Pen and Ink Copper

Vintage cop in pen and ink.

We got the barbeque in Saturday, not a drop of rain in sight. I haven't looked up how much but it sure seems like it has rained a lot more then usual this year and comming later then normal. Hope everyone had a good fathers day, I did, spending the day in relative peace and quiet. I've mentioned before my wife has a big family and they get together for most holidays and once a month for the kids birthdays. I look forward to those days as it normally leaves me in the house by myself.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Another Lady

Another lady from an old photo I like.
We turned on the air for the first time this year today. It was raining like heck, flashbacks of monsoon and then just like that season it stopped and got humid all quick. It was bad enough that the wife allowed me to shut the house and turn the air on. (I don't touch the thermostat without permission) Don't make assumptions, I am the man of the house but it's tenuous, its power that needs to be saved for the right battle or it's used up.

I was glad she made the ruling though, I was dragging just going about doing normal activity for a while today. Still I'd rather it be like this then cold and snow, heat is still better. So I get to enjoy the benefit of air conditioning for a month now or a little better, until the wife gets the first electric bill with it's usage on it and has a fit. After that I not only wont have air but will probably be doing my drawing by candlelight.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ink w/ watercolor pencil

If I hit the right file today this is a detail of a slightly larger drawing as often the case from an old photo I just bought. The photo is much better, the look from the girl very cute and appealing but I did my best.

I'm no good at things like carpentry or plumbing, just not in my blood and when I try to do home repairs they end up goofed up bad usually. There is one thing about those kind of jobs that is much easier then art though, that being knowing when the job is done. Build a chair or a table or whatever, fix a leaky faucet and it's a simple thing to knowing when to quit. Even a simple drawing like this and much more a painting and you never are quite sure when to stop. I mention this because there were times in this drawing where I thought I had gone too far and then kept going and figured no, it might be all right. At this point I'm not sure but I am done messing with it.

Oh and I ended up not cooking outside today, rain got bad enough that we just did some of the brats inside and saved the rest for a later day.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Watercolor pencil

Again a detail from a larger drawing but most of it, cut down to save some time posting it. It's mostly watercolor pencil with some ink.OOps, actually I hit the wrong file and you got the whole picture, explains why I have been sitting here for twenty minutes waiting for it to finish.

Without checking the weather I said to the wife today why don't we cook out tommorow and of course she just tells me it's rain for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Always the same when I get that urge, like washing the car or something. Last time I was outside doing the barbeque thing holding a big golf umbrella with one hand and the spatula with the other. It may be the same tommorow as being slightly obstinate I will be cooking outside no matter what. We have a small deck and what we need of course is a roof over it, something with a vent and then it could rain all it wanted. Food just tastes better when its cooked outside, little bit of charcaol dust stuck to it here and there where that hot dog slipped through and I dug it back out and wiped it off because who's going to know? Of course if it's really bad the dog gets a treat.

We bought one of those hanging tomato plants and it seems to be doing pretty good but not enough thought to what it should be hung on. We used a shepards hook but not thick enough as the plant now drags the ground and I have to find something to tie it up to the fence with or a thicker hook which we can't seem to find anywhere.