Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Urban Cartoon Pen and Ink

Maybe not one of my proudest efforts at drawing but something I had fun doing so I'm going to share it. It does at least get me away from the head and shoulder rut I was in for posting like I said I wanted to. There wasn't any reference, just something that started out of the head. I do like streetcars so am always trying to draw them but never come up with anything I like a whole lot.

It was hard to concentrate finishing this up as in the next room the wife and grandson ( same one with the watermelon) are in the next room playing some video game. It's like listening to two little kids arguing. I did go in once and tell them if they couldn't play nice together that he would have to go home or maybe both should do some corner time. It's mostly him of course although the games are my wife's obsession but they get so serious about it it's scary.

Summer seems to have came and went, one week of heat and now it's kind of like fall, nice and cool, most definitely not complaining, I like it like this as long as it doesn't mean an early winter.

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