Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ink w/ watercolor pencil

If I hit the right file today this is a detail of a slightly larger drawing as often the case from an old photo I just bought. The photo is much better, the look from the girl very cute and appealing but I did my best.

I'm no good at things like carpentry or plumbing, just not in my blood and when I try to do home repairs they end up goofed up bad usually. There is one thing about those kind of jobs that is much easier then art though, that being knowing when the job is done. Build a chair or a table or whatever, fix a leaky faucet and it's a simple thing to knowing when to quit. Even a simple drawing like this and much more a painting and you never are quite sure when to stop. I mention this because there were times in this drawing where I thought I had gone too far and then kept going and figured no, it might be all right. At this point I'm not sure but I am done messing with it.

Oh and I ended up not cooking outside today, rain got bad enough that we just did some of the brats inside and saved the rest for a later day.


Anonymous said...

Dave, I visit your page every day and always look forward not only to your drawings, but your comments.

david said...

So glad that you do, its a way of keeping in contact. The only thing I miss about SPD is the daily contact with some of the best friends I've ever had. Of course there are a few I don't mind not seeing (I'n sure you can think of one or two) No post today but I should be back tomorrow with something. Did you know Maggie's mother died? Wake was yesterday but I didn't make it, had other plans. I wouldn't have known except her family and Kathy's were friends way back from church or something. Kathy's going to get a card to send her.

Anonymous said...

Dave, We did not know either but isn't that the case when you retire. Nobody informs you of anything. We will get a card also, Maggie was always "good people".