Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Princess of ?, Pen, Ink and water stuff

Just finished this, haven't thought of an appropriate title yet but like it enough I have to give it one. I don't name most of them but when I finish something I like I have to give it an identity. It's ink and different waterbased media, neocolor II, watercolor pencil. 9x12, so we are in for a wait while it uploads.

I have promised myself to call comcast this week and get the high speed internet, either from them or someone else. They started us out sometime back with the "introductory rate" for phone and tv ( remember when tv was free? or when it cost a little but there was no commercials and now we have the large fee and commercials and it's going up every month.)

Anyway we started out paying around $100 a month for the phone and tv with a movie package and after the rate ended it started going up and up and now averages around $160 for the same stuff. I know someone that just got a three bundle from them for the same hundred a month and they threw in a free notebook computer. So I'm going to call and if they don't lower the rate and give me internet I'm thinking a switch to someone elses introductory rate. It's a hassle but I guess the thing to do is switch carriers every year.
Kids are back in school , got up today and had to go get my daughter and bring her hear so she could take a shower as they are working on her water and then take her to work, an hour later pick up the grandson and the other boy from the busstop and bring them here so that an hour later we could pick up the daughters boyfriend from work ( I let the wife do that). It's a good thing they don't pay us or we would have to get a taxi license. Man it's good to be retired and have nothing to do all day long.


ComcastCares1 said...

Wow - school started already for your kids? My daughter doesn't start unto 2 week of September.

If you need help in getting promo and internet added on your account, you can reach out to me. I work for Comcast.

Mark Casem
Comcast Corp.
National Customer Operations

david said...

I know they all start at different times even locally here. Put off calling today so sure, will send you an email and maybe get a number? Guess it might do some good using my blog as a platform afterall.

david said...

Just general info for anyone who really does read my blog. I googled Mark who sent me the above comment, very interesting if your a comcast customer. Apparently it's Marks job to cull the blogs for comcast remarks and respond to them in a customer service way. sniffle sniffle, here I thought he was an art lover. Anyway nothing bad about that, mixed reviews on google about him helping or not, apparently he passes you on to someone else. So if you are a dissastisfied comcast customer just mention it blogwise and you should hear from Mark shortly after. I'll give it a shot, another few days won't matter much.