Monday, June 29, 2009

Another Portrait

It's not that I haven't been drawing, I always draw but I don't always "finish" I wasn't all that happy with this and it almost hit the round file but I delayed and then decided I didn't hate it that much, something to keep and work from.

We have been busy, think I mentioned before that the wifes family gathers here on the fourth and she is busy getting the house and yard ready for that which means we are busy getting the house and yard ready. There's a big difference in viewpoints there because to me the house and yard are ready right now for just about anybody to come by but for her it isn't and will never be.

It happens whenever we have something and leads to a period of small arguments, mumbling and grumbling ( by me ), threats and yelling ( by her ) and compromise and grudgingly working together ( by both of us). Eventually the day comes and is suffered through and then is over until the next time. At least we are down to only two events a year and even an antisocial layabout like myself can tolerate that.
It cooled off a lot today which helps and makes me feel easier about what next months electricity bill will look like. It was so hot for awhile that everything in the garden was drooping despite watering but hopefully things will perk up now.

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