Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Old Car

If your paying attention you know I like the old cars, anything from the turn of the century actually. I also like drawing in small areas, it takes less space to store the ones I might keep and I can switch around more, doesn't hurt so much to toss the exspensive big sheets or canvass on the many, many drawings I totally screw up. I noticed some artists are doing 4 X6 now, theres a name for it but I forget. It's a marketing ploy of course, like the aceo's, give folks something that doesn't cost too much and just make more product. I like to draw small so I cut up some sheets into 4X6 and this is one, actually the bird was also.

Finally a nice day here, no gray, good blue skies and big all white clouds. All good but now the wife will be at me to get on the yard work, already is in fact. Got to take the bad with the good.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Not a repost, honest. Seems to be a recurring thing with me though. When in doubt draw a bird.

First outdoor barbeque of the year today. It was cloudy which it usually decides to do when I cook out but we made it, no rain. Food just tastes better to me when it's cooked outdoors.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Girl in Red

I knew I had been neglecting the blogs but time does fly, didn' realize is was eight days. I apologize to my regular readers ( both of them.) I'll use the last minute tax season and a touch of stomach flu as excuses.
This girl was with others in a old postcard, all looked like sisters and all had thier hair cut the same. Nothing written on it so just guessing it was sisters but looked like a family thing.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Drawing Angels yesterday, maybe in honor of Easter although it wasn't an intentional thought.
Wasn't that happy with any of them but to post something you get to see this one. Angels are good as with other like things nobody knows exactly what they look like so this good be an exact likeness. I did actually get outside and draw a little today, benifits of spring time. Just the trees and daffodils though which I have already posted. I was doing it in between raking leaves, alien leaves at that as we don't have that kind of tree. Also last years leaves which we raked up before the winter set but somehow someone snuck over and dropped another ton or so on the yard. I think it was my neighbor who also happens to be my brother in law. He has that kind of tree so they are HIS leaves to start with and what I figure instead of raking them he took a leaf blower and just swooshed them over into my yard. That's not even the worst because he doesn't even have a leaf blower so he must have used mine. Trying to remember if he borrowed it last fall but not sure.
Anyway my grandson was over and my wife said she would pay him to rake the leaves and he went out, maybe three, four minutes before coming back and saying he was done. Not sure if she paid him or not but I got mad about it and figured I would go and rake the leaves myself before he comes back and wants to get paid again to do the same job. I don't mind raking but my system is to take about a half hour break for every ten minutes of work. I got a big waste can full of the leaves up but after it didn't look like I had done anything so my grandson will probably still get the job again.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Harbour Lighthouse

The drawing today is the lighthouse in Chicago Harbour, done from pictures and memory and made up.

Nice quiet day today, the wife gone to Peru (Ill) with family to have a brunch with Aunts who live there. Actually they went to the lodge at Starved Rock and Illinois State Park. I've been to Starved Rock a few times, nice there but the wife doesn't recommend the brunch. Her report is that for 19.00 a person the food was pretty bad. The last time we went there together we had a cabin with another couple and it was good to get out and hike around, some really nice and pretty stuff if you look for it. That was some time ago and pretty sure neither one of us would be up to much hiking anymore.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Girl with flowers

As often the case my model is from a photo in my vintage collection. They work for cheap and rarely complain. I change them enough they wouldn't recognize themselves even if they do follow blogs at the really old folks home.

I have a lot of things to draw from now, yesterday uploading pics from my digital camera, something I hadn't done in awhile, 280 pics being awhile. Not sure why I let it go that long except to say prograstination is an art form and I am a master at it. Lot's of family stuff of course, holloween pics and baseball pics from two years ago but also pics I took with the thought that it would make a great drawing or even a painting. My wife also has a digital camera that she relies on me to upload but she'll have to wait. Only printed out a select "few" of mine and used up all the ink and photo paper in my budget until payday.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Green Man

A detail from a work in progress. Part ink and watercolor pencils The Green man a symbol in my mind of spring but sure not like that around here today again. No snow but pretty cold and rainy again, saw the sun a couple of times but pretty much it stayed hidden. Baseball goes on like the postal service once did rain or shine though so we went to our grandsons practice today. My wife was smarter then many of the people there dressing in a warm winter coat while many of the spectators were wearing light jackets or no jackets at all, at least one person wearing shorts. That happened to be my grandsons father who I wont say much about but never gave him credit for much sense.

Me? I dressed light, just a light jacket shirt thing but I watched from the car with my sketchbook and was quite comfy thank you.