Friday, August 14, 2009

Vintage Lady Pen and Ink

Another pen and ink. The woman is a combination of a couple of different old photos and the rest is out of my noggin.

I wasn't being truthful about the tomato plants, the dog doesn't really pee on them. Don't want anyone throwing up if I offer them some tomato or something with them in it. They are set back far enough and I promise we wash them real good. While I am on it though and again waiting for a large image to upload, does anyone have one of those hanging tomato plants they advertise every year. We bought one this year and I'm less then impressed. Not sure what it is but it seems like the bag doesn't hold enough water. The leaves are alwlays withered and dried up looking. We have other plants in big pots and they are doing ok but the hanging plant hasn't anything on it yet and although we haven't given up I don't think it's going to produce. So if anyone was thinking about buying one my reccomendation is save your money.

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