Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Another pen and ink, really my favorite thing to do. Actually have another also planned for the next post but wont get ahead of myself.

This is my second attempt at posting this. Lately when I hit publish post I've been getting an error message saying "bad request" but then when I have checked it has always posted anyway, until today anyway where there was nothing. Made me mad as it's a large drawing which takes a long time and I had written a lot besides. Oh well, stuff happens.

It was hot here today, wont say how hot because friends like Mike would probably say " that isn't hot" but for us northlanders it was hot.

The day didn't turn out too bad though, took my wife to get her license renewed which went pretty quick and then shopping at Lowe's ( shopping one of my least favorite activities but it didn't go so bad, pretty short)

A few other stops and on the way home we decided to stop for lunch at Applebee's here in town.

It seemed like a good idea but after going in and finding it was as hot or hotter in there then outiside we weren't so sure. When the waiter came I asked the obvious, was the air out and he said yes, it had gone down that day. The wife and I discussed it and when he came back we said we would like our food to go, not bitching or anything, just better to take it home and eat where our air was working.

I don't think we were bitching anyway but a few minutes later a manager came over and apologized and again we said fine, no problem but still wanted to take it out. Then another manager followed and again apologized. We don't look like anyone important, honest and we go there now and then but not real often. Anyway the first manager returned after the second left and said since we were inconvenienced the meal was on the house. I had thought with the heat it might be nice if they threw the drinks in free but nope, the manager picked up the whole check, $35 worth. (we left a nice tip for the waiter of course) I thought it was pretty nice of them so that why I tell it here but can't guarantee it to be nationwide policy so don't drive around looking for Applebee's with no air conditioning on my word.


david said...

ps: it gave me the bad request thing again but this time it did post, don't know what the deal is, does this happen to anyone else?

Mike B said...

I put Internet Explorer 8 on my computer and it gave me all sorts of trouble when trying to post. I put up with it for a couple of days, then had #3 son put IE 7 back on.
There is a help section with blogger - it might have some suggestions when you have the time to play with it.
Good luck.

david said...

thanks Mike, I will check the help section but back the normal today, just posted on snaps and it gave me the error message but the post went up and in the right place. I suspect posting the drawing in the wrong place was my fault, not paying attention to what I was doing.