Friday, June 19, 2009

Another Lady

Another lady from an old photo I like.
We turned on the air for the first time this year today. It was raining like heck, flashbacks of monsoon and then just like that season it stopped and got humid all quick. It was bad enough that the wife allowed me to shut the house and turn the air on. (I don't touch the thermostat without permission) Don't make assumptions, I am the man of the house but it's tenuous, its power that needs to be saved for the right battle or it's used up.

I was glad she made the ruling though, I was dragging just going about doing normal activity for a while today. Still I'd rather it be like this then cold and snow, heat is still better. So I get to enjoy the benefit of air conditioning for a month now or a little better, until the wife gets the first electric bill with it's usage on it and has a fit. After that I not only wont have air but will probably be doing my drawing by candlelight.

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