Sunday, July 5, 2009


Wanted to get away from the head and shoulder thing but was a little busy the last few days and this is about all I have to post at the moment.

I hope everyone had a good and safe fourth of July. Our's was relatively good, the relatively all the inlaws that gathered here to celabrate as I mentioned before. Things went pretty well, no injuries to report and the after incident damage list is small compared to past years.

In the past I have grilled but this year the wife decided to get catering. I would guess the cost was about the same and certainly less work for yours truly. I do like to cook on the grill but not for large crowds. The catering actually led to the only two near injuries we had. We had some of the food staged in the garage part of it being a large bag of Kaiser rolls. When the wife went to get them they were nowhere to be seen so of course she called me to look. I went out and searched for like twenty minutes ( I had seen them there that day, knew they were there) I had also seen my grandson and his cousin out there earlier, had chased them out of the garage in fact as they were rearanging the whole garage and making a mess. So when I went in to search the house I asked the boys if they had done something with the rolls to which they looked up innocently at me and said " why no, what Kaiser rolls?"

Such two little angelic faces you have never seen so why would I doubt them so anyway after a ten minute search of the house I went back to the garage along with one of my brother in laws and made another good twenty minute search there. Again we came up empty and I'm not sure who it was that asked did we check the dryer or why they would think to but of course that where the rolls were along with a watermelon that we had not yet known was missing. Turns out of course the grandson and cousin thought it might be funny to hide the rolls and melon in the dryer. I'm sure it was to them and lucky I have entered into a non violent stage of life . Ghandi would be proud, don't think they even got yelled at, not by me anyway although I admit for a minute I thought about putting them in the dryer for a ten minute tumble ( on low heat of course, I'm not a monster)
Anyway the day went well, early sprinkles left and the Village fireworks were exploded, people ate and talked and went home and the day after we're left with a lot of leftovers and a fairly quiet house. Hope yours was at least as good.


Mike B said...

I love your running commentary almost as much as the artwork! Wonderful job on both. Actually, I really liked both of your drawings this week - they are excellent. A person could write stories around each of the characters....
Some time I'll tell you about the cat in the washing machine (cousin's house, not mine!) :O)

david said...

Thanks Mike, always good to know someone appreciates the effort. I would love to hear the cat story ( I think, I am a cat lover but it sounds like something that should be told.)