Sunday, November 22, 2009

Young Lady, head and shoulders

This girl is inspired from a photo I have on my hard drive, an auction I bid on but didn't win, someone wanted it more then I. I kept the image though, not that you can tell from my drawing ( I have changed her a lot) as the girl in the photo has a haunting beauty about her.

The drawing is Neocolor II, pen and ink and some watercolor pencil, not everything in my toolbox but spreading it around a little.

For anyone that checks the photo blog I haven't posted there for a good while and do intend to start up again but maybe focused more on the ads then photos, mix of both at least. I always feel like the photos don't mean much to most people as I lack information for many of them. Usually I buy them because I just like the image and the info was never there or sometimes I have carelessly lost it. Anyway if you like the old magazine ads check there in the next week or so and I will have something new up.

I wish all that read this a happy and safe Thangsgiving.

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