Monday, June 15, 2009

Watercolor pencil

Again a detail from a larger drawing but most of it, cut down to save some time posting it. It's mostly watercolor pencil with some ink.OOps, actually I hit the wrong file and you got the whole picture, explains why I have been sitting here for twenty minutes waiting for it to finish.

Without checking the weather I said to the wife today why don't we cook out tommorow and of course she just tells me it's rain for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Always the same when I get that urge, like washing the car or something. Last time I was outside doing the barbeque thing holding a big golf umbrella with one hand and the spatula with the other. It may be the same tommorow as being slightly obstinate I will be cooking outside no matter what. We have a small deck and what we need of course is a roof over it, something with a vent and then it could rain all it wanted. Food just tastes better when its cooked outside, little bit of charcaol dust stuck to it here and there where that hot dog slipped through and I dug it back out and wiped it off because who's going to know? Of course if it's really bad the dog gets a treat.

We bought one of those hanging tomato plants and it seems to be doing pretty good but not enough thought to what it should be hung on. We used a shepards hook but not thick enough as the plant now drags the ground and I have to find something to tie it up to the fence with or a thicker hook which we can't seem to find anywhere.

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