Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Faber broad tip

I used the Faber Castell broad tips for most of this,didn't start out to but ended that way. I like using them as it kind of makes me work looser. Sometimes I get anal about working over little details and trying to make it look right in the end making it all just awful. The broad brush tips are more like painting and it seems to kind of just flow. Anyway it seemed to here.

Hard to believe its the middle of August already. I'm still waiting for summer to start and it's almost over. My wife is happy being the family bill payer as the air conditioner has hardly been run at all this year. It was hot around here the last few but cooled last night and we turned it off again. I like to be comfortable but would rather sweat a bit then go a long time with the house all closed up. Get those windows open and a little fresh air inside. ( it could have something to do with the animals and my smoking I suppose.) Also a public service announcement while I'm waiting for this to upload. Last year we had to replace the air conditioner. The guy said it went bad due to our male dog constantly urinating into it, acidity burned something out. We now have a fence around it so when he lifts his leg it protects the air conditioner. Of course now that the fence is there he takes his business elsewhere, like the tomato plants or such. Anyone care for a nice BLT?

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