Thursday, September 3, 2009

WIP, pen and ink

Still don't have anything really to post so thought I would show what I am doing right now and update as I finish it unless of course it hits the round file. This is all pen and ink with a lot of stippling, kind of an experiment to do the shading etc in stippling. I like the effect some get using stippling, of course the bad part the time consuming part of it. I use the stippling also in the background with gray over it to give some texture. I suppose right now a couple hours worth to answer the oft asked question.

C**mcast was here today, put two more tvs up at least and installed internet although I can't use it yet. I was afraid of that, because of where they installed it he couldn't or wouldn't run the wire to where my computer is two rooms away. They chose the location for the modem when they installed the phone and I should have objected then but it wasn't on my mind then. I ordered an ethernet cable and a router so by next week I should be able to do the hook up myself. I still end up paying the same outragous amount which was one of my complaints and even a few bucks more although I supposedly got the internet for freee but worth it not to go through the hassle of switching everything. I'm not thrilled with the company but I should say every technician they have ever sent out has been really nice and willing to take the time to make sure its all done right ( except for installing the wire today which I suppose he couldn't do)

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