Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Dock

An admittedly rough drawing inspired by you guessed it, an old photo in my collection. No idea of the location but I have changed it quite a bit anyway. I think it would make a nice painting maybe if I could only light a fire under my lazy self to do so. Drawing can be an art form on its own no doubt, especially from someone a bit more skilled then myself but in my fantasy world I do see myself as a painter. I have done paintings in the past, quite a few but not much lately. It all boils down to laziness. drawing is easy to me, some paper and pens or pencils that I pretty much leave out and ready when the urge strikes. painting is a little more involved, have to get the materials out, mix the colors, protect it until it dries, clean the brushes.

When I was much younger I painted in oils. Oils take forever to dry and at the time we had both kids and animals in the house. There was always the danger of one or the other getting into the oil paints and creating thier own masterpiece. Probably should have arranged and let them go for it, might have made millions. Now I use only water based paints which dry much quicker and the clean up is much more easy. Maybe I'll get them out and see if I can do something with this.

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