Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pen and Ink

Just a pen and ink that originally I wasn't going to post but for lack of anything better up it goes.
We had the grandsons birthday party here on Sunday. My daughter lives in an apartment and of course not enough room there. I still remember having like one birthday party when I was a kid and it was a cake and ice cream thing with some hats. My wife didn't want to cook so she had it catered from a local pizza etc restaurant, not pizza but beef and chicken and some italian noodle thing I forget. Two cakes, ( not sure why two) and of course the ice cream. Mostly adults at it, a few kids but more family and my daughters friends kid. I guess the grandson enjoyed it but things sure change.
FInished dealing with Com**ast ( don't want to use the name because it will end up alerting them like its a new beef) I ended up staying with them, not sure why as we were looking to save money and that didn't happen but they did add the internet for "free". Almost free anyway, they sure don't like to give up any of those bucks they have been getting out of you. Probably should have switched to another outfit but it seems like a hassle to do that and probably a new provider would be no less greedy then these guys. Anyway they are supposed to be here to set it up this afternoon so hopefully my next post will be faster upload which means I will ramble on like this less while I'm waiting for it.

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