Friday, September 4, 2009


Same picture as yesterday a little further along. I am not thrilled with the picture but I like doing this, might become a regular feature here. Thing about what I am going to write that I did actually helps me think more about what it is I'm going to do as I work.

Today I wanted to increase the contrast between the background and the hair so I darkened the background and added opposite crosshatching to the blouse again to create texture, give it the appearance of cloth weave. I also added some stippling to the face etc.

My advice to any artist is never point out your mistakes, people find them on thier own and if they don't all the better but as this is an exercise it seems proper. Theres probably plenty wrong with it but the necklace leaps out at me, no reason for it to lay that way and doesn't add the lack of 3d which I'm not happy with to start with. Sure there is more but that just off the top of my head. Anyone reading that has something to add feel free, go ahead, rip it apart.

I'll probably finish it up, see what I can do but wouldn't if it wasn't for starting this thing here.

Maybe documenting it all will help me improve, add to that thinking process I talked about.

Oh yeah, the light, someone with a good eye and pickly will no doubt say my lighting is uncertain. I had that thought but at the moment more concerned with the contrast then where the light is coming from but that does need change as well.

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