Saturday, September 26, 2009

Another Girl

Another kind of pin up girl picture, pen and ink and Neocolor II. When I was younger I would draw girls like this more often but for some reason my wife didn't like it. I would tell her it was just artistic expression but she would say I could express myself by drawing a nice bowl of fruit.

Of course that was back when I would let her see my drawings to get her judgement on how I was doing. I don't do that anymore, pretty much knowing what she thinks and unable to take criticism that well.

I don't think it matters to her much now what I draw, she doesn't pay any attention except for the rare time I might ask for an opinion on something and besides we both know I'm pretty much harmless as far as women go by now. I like the picture, not going to ask her what she thinks.

Weather around here is good but late September always sucks to me. Getting dark earlier, getting cooler at night ( wife just went around closing the windows in fact.) Halloween stores already popping up. All of it reminding me that another winter is closing in on us.


DblTap said...

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david said...

Sent him an email.