Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Victorian Gal

A sketch of a victoian type woman, pen and ink with a little watercolor pencil for accents and the background. A lot of my heroes are illustrators from the turn of the century (20th). There were so many really good ones but of course they had a much larger market then today with all the magazines, advertisements, etc, etc. Anytime I see a woman with her hair piled up like this I think of course of Charles Dana Gibson, one of the best. I have bought more then one old magazine just because it had one of his drawings in it.

Rainy here today, not April yet so I guess this rain wont bring May flowers as the saying goes. All it does is make the dogs feet mudy so I have to play manservant and wipe them off when he comes in from his potty walks. At least the snow is gone.
A few days ago I was writing about the newspapers and today word came out that the Chicago Sun-Times parent company is declaring bankruptcy. I usually read the Tribune so no loss to me but again I hate to see the newspapers go away.

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