Wednesday, March 18, 2009


a small pen and ink sketch of a 1920's era girl, my model an old postcard. I love the look girls had in that time, a very important time for the history of women. So many things changed around the turn of the century, a lot having to do with the automobile, manufacturing, transportation and communications in general. Women were changing thier place in society so much, up to then in many ways second class citizens but around that time starting to demand thier rights and respect.

The drawing is small, 5X7 and done quickly ( an hour or so) in pen and ink. For those that like to draw I find stopping now and then and looking at the drawing in different ways helps find mistakes, in a mirror or even upside down changes the perspective and makes errors stand out.


Anonymous said...

Dave, she looks like my mother did in a photo I have of her from 1933.

david said...

Well, I think your mom was a pretty lady, clearly you get your looks from dad ;). I'll put it away and next time I see you it's yours. Thanks for looking in.