Sunday, March 1, 2009

Salute to the Noble Nose

I wasn't going to post anything here today but as I was waiting for things to download ( I still use dial up, maybe the only person in the US left to do so) I was sketching and noted that most of my out of the head cartoon characters have one thing in common, all have tremendous honkers. I know there are folks out there who have somewhat larger then usual noses and are less then happy about it. I saw on television not long ago that plastic surgery in Iran is booming as people, ladies mostly are prone to have such characteristics and are so unhappy about it.

Speaking as someone who enjoys cartooning I think those people born with a big snoz should be happy about it. It is somehow a mark of character, something about a big protruding air intake makes me think the person wearing it has something going on. Of course I was born with a somewhat uninteresting normal size nose so not having to look in the mirror at it every day or finding dates or fitting it around that first kiss I might be speaking out of turn but I throw in my support for those that do and urge them to take pride in what they have.

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