Saturday, March 21, 2009


When I said warm and fuzzy I was thinking like a kitten and maybe some flowers or playing with the standard ball of yarn but I came up with this Cherub and threw the flowers in for cover.

Not what I had in mind but I liked it and my wife said it was OK so I'm posting it. It's rare for me to ask my wife's opinion. First of all she's just not that interested in my "art". Pretty much to her it's a too exspensive hobby. Second and probably more importantly she is just too honest. I don't mind advise and constructive criticism but she is rough.
Next post I hope to jump back to the world of reality. Went out today and caught part of my grandsons baseball practice and took the sketchbook of course. Didn't get a chance to re-draw anything though. I know some of my sketches here are "rough" but believe it or not, they get worse. When I am drawing outside, something with action it's more or less just lines, kind of impressions of what I see that wouldn't be recognizeable to anyone but me.
He seems to be doing OK, I mentioned before this is the first year playing hardball. With T-ball they use a softer ball about the same size. He's been smacked a few times already and is still in there trying. Anyone that's ever been hit by a pitch or a wild ball knows it can smart.
It's good to see him moving up but I will kind of miss the T-ball, the kids are so funny, sometimes sitting down in the field, rarely catching a throw, not knowing where to go or where to throw. It's a riot to watch. I have to give the coaches credit. Usually of course it's guys who have kids on the team but they do a great job with all the kids.

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