Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Life returns

There isn't much these days you can count on it seems, economy, politics, world peace, you name it everything seems all chaos and turmoil, nothing solid and reliable. Of course those are all things that count on us to keep in order and I suppose we have messed a few things up, hopefully not beyond repair but if history proves anything we will get through it all.

There's one thing that always stays the same though, no matter how long winter might seem or how depressed it might make me sooner or later that seed that fell in the fall will germinate and push its way up though the soil searching for the sun and it will break through and find it.

Those somewhat corny thoughts are what I had in mind when I made this drawing, a small 5X7 mostly watercolor pencil with some ink. I did it from my head as hard as I looked I couldn't find anything similar outside today but it was cool and I didn't look too hard, soon though.

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