Friday, March 13, 2009

Valium in a tank

I have shown you my cat and our birds, talked about the dog and there is another cat but besides all that my wife has fish, lots of fish. She has a 55 gallon tank in the front room and a smaller, 10? gallon tank in the kitchen and a couple of small bowls here and there, adding up to how many fish I don't know. We also have an outdoor pond which is still fishless from the winter and went without last year but was occupied in the past. The outdoor pond is the only thing I object to as it means work for me. I was up to it the first few years but back, leg pain and lazyness maybe are putting it out of reach. We have had help a few years getting it ready but last year we kept them inside.

Other then that she does all the work, cleaning the tanks ( which is a job), feeding etc. I reap the benifits though. Benifits of fish? You have to have them to understand probably. Just sitting there watching them swim back and forth is very relaxing somehow, can't explain why but it is. That explaining my valium reference. Valium might be more fun in the short run but fish are better for you and don't knock you out. I don't know how to classify them, not really pets since you can't actually pet them or take them out and play with them. Well, you could but not for very long and I don't think it would be very satisfying for you or the fish. Thier more then decorations, somewhere inbetween I guess but if you don't have any I suggest them as something you might want to start out with.

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