Sunday, March 15, 2009

No Leprechan

I was intending to draw and post a leprechan for today but after repeated efforts they all looked far too evil so I gave up. Maybe it's that movie that sticks in mind where the little guy was evil and killing everyone but I would rather think of them as kind, gracious creatures who are just zealous about protecting thier pots of gold. Giving up on my irish heritage I am just posting this car I had scanned a while ago, a portion of a larger drawing but the car was my whole purpose in the drawing. Don't know what kind of car its supposed to be, just the image tucked away in my brain for when I want to draw a vintage auto and don't have a reference photo.

Nice warmish (60's) day here and more improtant a quiet one, the wife off to her relatives for the day so it's peaceful here, plans to catch up on a chore or two but of course it's late now and nothing done other then to fill the wastebasket with evil leprechans.

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