Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Last night I was watching "The Untouchables" on METV, one of my all time favorite shows from when I was a kid and still is now. When I was a kid of course it was my dad that chose it. Some will remember the time when there was actually only one television in the house. There was only like four channels also but it seemed like there was more to watch sometimes then there is today. Anyway I was sketching my concept of gangsters while watching it, the posts above. You could always tell a gangster when you saw one, double breasted pinstriped suits with the bulge for the shoulder holster. A rough looking face, usually ugly with the nose pushed to the side and a scar somewhere. I'm not sure where all the gangsters went, they must still be around, not like the hippies who completely went extinct. Maybe they went the same way, both of them now have become corporate bankers ?

Today of course we have "Gangstas", those being gangsters that can't spell. You can tell them kind of, like before they have a uniform but it's harder because the kid next door wants to emulate them and dress the same way. I won't try to draw them, not now anyway. A thug is a thug, but I prefer mine old style.


Mike B said...


The Untouchables was a great show... I was debating whether to order Season 1 of the Untouchables or Season 3 of Combat... your post brought back a flood of good memories, so the Untouchables it is!

I always liked 'Frank Nitti" for some reason or another. I'll wait for a drawing of him....

david said...

Combat was also a great show but the Untouchables win hands down between the two. Both were on here until recently but haven't seen Combat in awhile, maybe Saturday mornings now.