Monday, March 23, 2009

Newspapers Terminal?

Lately I hear that the daily newspaper is to soon be a thing of the past, some are closing down already and others are endangered species list material. I don't read the paper every day, sometimes we have it in the house and I don't read it, rarely all of it. We have it delivered four times a week including the Sunday paper and my wife reads it when we do, most of the time reading the stories to me to my annoyance.
I don't want it to go away though, lots of memories surround the newspaper. My dad would read it every day, his evening night watching Jonny Carson with the paper spread all around him on the couch. That's the picture of him that comes to mind first when I think of him. People would buy the paper for thier train commute and they always had it when you were waiting your turn at the barber shop, hard to find a barber shop anymore though.I did read the paper every day, back when Mike Royko was with the Chicago Tribune, his paper "blog" something worth reading every day. Now theres a new guy and my wife likes him. I've read him a few times and he's OK, no Royko though. I always check the comics of course and the editorial cartoon.
I like technology, read my news on the computer, I like reading blogs, even ones I don't agree with but the daily newspaper is something that just can't go away, gee, next it will be the Jack Benny show isn't on the radio anymore. So I'm going to start buying it every day, maybe two of them (Chicago still has two, political opposites). I'll do my part even if I don't get to read them every day.


Mike B said...

I know there are a lot of reasons for the decline... I know someone who reads them on their iPhone!
But - I can't help but wonder if lowering the reading level from 12th grade to 9th, then again during this decade, further down, hasn't hurt the business.
Love your comment on Jack Benny. He's one of my favorites. Of course, I do collect OTR, so I'll hear him whether he's on radio (which he is in our area occasionally on the Public Broadcasting station) or not.
Great post. Plus... loved the picture of the 20s girl a few days ago.

david said...

I also have a small collection of OTR shows, some that I have downloaded off sites on the web and some I bought in stores. I do hope the newspapers can hang in there. We need all the sources we can get these days to try and sort through things.