Saturday, March 7, 2009

Just a couple of sketches

The last couple of days I had something in mind that I was going to draw and post, kind of a self assigned drawing. It's really the first time I had thought it out, if it isn't obvious my postings here have no special ryme or reason, just whatever I happen to be doing or drawing that day. I have learned my lesson, trying to do one simple thing and make it look right was too much for me and I finally gave up. Might have something to do with why so long ago I went into law enforcement instead of trying to make a living at what I liked most. Anyway, what I have finally put on display today is a fellow leaning against a post, detail from a larger sketch I did awhile ago. The somewhat wilder looking fellow is a sketch from today, started out thinking of kind of a St. Francis man but didn't look right for that so is just what it is. It's been nicer here is Chicagoland the last few days, warmer anyway. There was a heck of a thunderstorm early this morning but I take it all as sign that spring is around the corner. Got to remember to set the clocks ahead tonight.

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