Friday, March 27, 2009


Even in the Chicago area spring comes, although signs of it can be slow to appear. The first flowers we get around the house are the daffodills (sp?) out front. There also has been a pair of robins hanging around the front yard. For some reason they don't frequent the feeders, guess we don't have the right food there for them. I would suppose they are after worms or insects but I never see them around back and pretty sure we have worms and insects there. We did in the past have grubs in the front which attracted skunks who showed up at night and dug many, many holes to get at them. I didn't know what grub infestation looked like until one year I dug around a tree and uncovered them. There were hundreds of the little grubby buggers all around this crabapple tree in front. I could see why the skunks were digging, plenty to eat for them. Since then we get this yard treatment stuff that has something for grubs in it but haven't done it this year yet. I did get some mothballs and spread them around the backyard (supposedly keeps the skunks away) I bought some exspensive stuff a couple years back that was supposedly "fox urine) which would scare the skunks and after using it didn't see any skunks. Reading the label though it said the contents were like .0001 % fox urine and 99% mothballs. I priced em and the mothballs are much cheaper then fox pee so since then I use just the mothballs from Walgreens.

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