Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ink drawing cars

I've been posting car pics in the other blog and started drawing this today from an old picture of a car ( the one in side view, the rest made up). It was a hectic day to sit and draw anything. Two of our grandkids were over plus the son of my daughters boyfriend. Not that they bother me that much but they run my wife ragged, asking for this and that and squabbling etc. etc. . I, in turn have to go intercede or her frustrations will soon turn on me. I do love having them over but maybe only because it makes me appreciate the quiet so much when they go home.
They'll be back tomorrow along with more, my granddaughters birthday April 1st so we are having a little party for her here.

Weather here today could be summed up by the weather man as it "sucks", all gray and rain and sometimes freezing rain, like winter fighting it, not wanting to let go. I'm real jealous of people smart enough to live somewhere like Florida (Mike).


Mike B said...

Great drawing. Why the word Auto above the Drug Store door? Just curious.
Woke up at 4:30 to rain coming in the window this morning. It's supposed to move out this afternoon, leaving us with a cool front (we don't get COLD fronts in Florida!) that'll break the heat for a day or so.
It's going to be a hot summer here with high A/C bills!
I look forward to your drawings as you post them - I loved the one of the hawk - reminds me of the hummingbirds flitting by the feeder when we visited Utah a couple of years ago.
Grandkids are great - Our two live next door....

Anonymous said...

Dave, looks like the squads we used to drive when we first started. VJK

david said...

Mike, the word does appear to be auto but it was actually my scribbling letters, maybe subconscious since that was what the drawing was. We actuallyl woke up yesterday to snow on the gound, maybe an inch or more and cool enough that it is still there a little.
I remember a winter sometime around the time my friend Vince below is talking about when it snowed like eight inches on April 6 or 7, something like that. All the plows had been taken in and salt was gone, no snow removal at all. I don't breathe easy for another month yet.