Thursday, June 4, 2009


Similar but different to my last post. I didn't like the last picture much (posted it anyway, I have no pride) so tried it again but with a female subject and so far like this one better.

We have had a new visitor to our backyard recently, a Baltimore Oriole had showed up a week ago one day and was back again yesterday. According to the bird info websites they are common to this area but I had not seen one before. There have been a few other so far unidentified birds this year along with the hawk. Something must be up in thier normal area that is making them stretch out?

This guy yesterday was so wierd. Me sitting in the backroom and heard something at the window and there he was on the ledge looking inside. He went back and forth, hoping more then flying and kept looking inside. The camera was across the room of course and usually if anything moves inside the birds anywhere in the yard fly off but I tried it and moving slowly made my way across the room figuring him gone when I got back but he was still there. I took a few pictures ( maybe post them soon) and he stayed, moving about out there but keeping close and still looking inside. He did finally leave but was back maybe ten mintutes later and we repeated the whole thing except this time I had the camera already. My guess he was begging. The feeders were full but we also put out peanuts and there were none of those so maybe that was what he wanted. The info sites don't list that as food for this guy but sparrows either and they pick at them, not eating them but after the shells I think, maybe for nesting?
Anyway I did put some out and through the day they dissapeared but didn't see who got them and haven't seen the Oriole again. It was all neat though, never seen this kind of behavior from a wild bird.

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