Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Black and White

Another detail portion of a larger unfinished drawing that will not get finished but started over instead.

Went with the wife shopping to Home Depot today. I hate shopping with my wife, usually refuse but I knew she was getting some heavy things that would be hard to get into the cart and even I can only be so much of a jerk. Watching my wife shop is like watching a dog wander through a forest. I don't get it but she has to touch everything in the store. Things she doesn't want, has no interest in at all but is driven to leave her scent and maybe check the scent of other women who have come along before. What should be a fifteen minute trip turns into a two hour ordeal and by the time its done I find myself turned into the spoiled little brat she has brought with her, scuffing my feet and muttering nasty things barely under my breath. I know its not just her, I have watched other women do the same thing. Maybe I could get some government grant to do a study on this, ought to be worth a few hundred thousand or so.


Anonymous said...

I feel the same way when my wife drags me into Jo-Ann Fabrics, a particular favorite of mine. I told her that if I die first, scatter my ashes at Jo-Ann's so I know she will at least visit me. By the way Boss, nice picture.

david said...

glad to know there are others out there Vince. You are a better man then I though, no way my wife would get me into Jo-Ann Fabrics.