Friday, February 20, 2009

Two more pictures drawn from television. Television drawing I think is nearly as good as drawing from life, things move quickly and you have to choose what details are important, go back later and fill in but the first details are important, trains the eye and brain to work together I think anyway. The move was "The Pianist" , watching it late and night on IFC, had never seen it before and thought it was great except not the movie to help you settle in to a good nights sleep. It's about the Holocost and in particular one Jew, a pianist who is trying to survive in Warsaw during Nazi occupation. Trouble is they were too good, everybody knows what went on of course, even as little attention I paid they taught it in School. This movie does such a good job of portraying the horror though it is unsettling. If I watch it again it will be earlier so I can watch "Spongebob" or something after and come back to my safe little world.

The other is a girl inspired by a Theater magazine cover from the twenties, changed quite a bit, kind of a composite of that and another pic or two from my collection. Don't think it's complete yet, not happy with all of it but at the point where I have to let it sit.


Mike B said...


This is a site just waiting to be discovered... great stories, and wonderful artwork.

I remember that I was always jealous of my history students that could draw - even doodle! My stick men are even crooked!
Keep up the good work...

david said...

Thanks Mike, had I studied more in school rather then doodling I might have learned so many wonderful things. It all works out though.