Sunday, February 22, 2009

The other day I posted some quick sketches of the birds outside. Doing those sketches did a couple things, got me interested in drawing birds, something I have always liked and made me want to post something I had put a little more effort into. The birds above were done mostly in Neocolor II which I have mentioned before. I really like these "crayons for grownups" I call them but really they are much more then that. You can use them dry, draw with them and add water with a brush or dip them in water first. I think in the hands of an artist with a bit more skill then I they could accomplish great things. Of course some of this picture is fantasy, don't have all that green out there at the present and the birds themselves are a lot grayer with thier winter coats.

The cartoon is just some kid shoveling the snow on the sidewalk in front of the house. Came to the door and talked my wife into it for five dollars. The rest of it had been done, (not by me of course) but my brother in law who stays with us for the weekends sometimes had done it. When I was a kid I think I got maybe a couple dollars shoveling whole driveways and sidewalks. This guy is managing five for what was maybe five minutes work, comes out to sixty bucks an hour. This young guy is going places.

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