Thursday, February 26, 2009

Homerun Granny

Now and then there is a bright spot when I watch the news. Get past the economy, politics ,politicians and Pakistan and today had a little bit of joy for me.

It was somewhere in Ohio I think, four thugs had broken into an old ladies house, easy mark right? Looking for some cash and whatever she had they could steal. I don't know if they thought she was out or maybe didn't care, after all what could a small elderly lady do against four big teenage boys? This lady had a surprise for our villans, picking up her favorite Emeril frying pan she whacked one of them on the skull. In her words he looked up at her in shock like why would she do such a thing and while he was considering it she whacked him a second time. They had her demonstrating her swing on CNN and it was well worth the price of admission.
I lived with my grandma when I was small and she spoiled me rotten of course but now and then when I really needed it she had a good stong yardstick to help her make a point. If these hooligans had that when they were little maybe they would have more respect for thier elders today.
Of course we know that little old ladies shouldn't do this, she could have been hurt but she wasn't and I sure am glad she stood up for herself and taught these punks a lesson. They did catch the kids later, probably recognized them by the bumps on thier heads.

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