Saturday, February 21, 2009

I saw "that cartoon" probably the day it was published, not in the paper but on a Live Journal blog I look at now and then where they post editorial cartoons. My first thought was "that's well drawn, wish I could do that well" and then of course the second was " man, that's kind of crude."
After, I saw them arguing back and forth on Cnn about if it was offensive or not. What's to argue? As loathe as I am to agree with Mr. Sharpton that cartoon is pretty offensive.
I believe in freedom of speech for sure but if you have the attention the Post has you ought to have some responsibility along with it. I thought we had come further then this.

Anyway, this is an art blog, not opinion (but it's mine so I can do that). I fixed the picture of the girl. What was wrong was the hair, looked like just molded plastic or something. Went back and first put some darker lines in it which still wasn't right so used a knifepoint and scratched in some highlights which was good enough for me. Not even sure if it will show up here but posting the detail again with the changes. Other then that just some sparrows out by the feeder waiting for someone to come and fill them ( my wife did it shortly after). Like me I think they are more then ready for spring.

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