Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I'm not the only one who likes to watch the birds outside. Allow me to introduce you to my cat whose name is Spooky. She is so named not for being mostly black as you might first think but more for her personality. She is a wonderful cat although most people don't know it. She holds the other animals (another cat and a dog) with complete disdain and she has a way of "glaring" at my wife and other people in the house that makes them feel uneasy. For some reason she has bonded to me which is unusual. Normally the animals like my wife better probably because she is a much nicer person than I. Most cats have character but Spooky has more then her share of it . I like to stay up late nights, it's quiet and the phone doesn't ring so most nights I'm up late or maybe early might be more accurate. My wife could care less, she's up late also but we like different television and things to do so we stay in seperate rooms of the house. The cat though will get tired of waiting on me and come out , sit in front of the television and just stare at me, what she was doing when I drew this. If I ignore her she will come over and tap me on the leg to get my attention and then run off towards the bedroom. When I don't follow she will return and take up her position by the television. The process will repeat itself over and over until I finally go to bed. Oh and if your first thought looking at my drawing was "what a hairball" then I did my job well. Her long hair is a mess. I try brushing her, really I do, but she always looks ragged and gets knots that I have to pull out carefully by hand.
For anyone that might like old photos I have started a second blog. I collect vintage photographs, mostly from the early 1900's but some earlier then that and also old magazines as they contain not onlly neat stories but a lot of photographs. There will be less commentary there, just the photo's which may be an added bonus but I'll try and post a picture every day or so.

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