Saturday, May 9, 2009

pen and ink

pen and ink cartoon using Faber-Castell pens.

We had both a female and male cardinal plus a blue jay at the bird feeder today. Hadn't seen the female cardinal in awhile and not the blue jay in a long time. I like the jays because its pretty but I guess the other birds don't care for them, seems they like to steal eggs . Also have had a pair of Mallards around lately, common for this time of year. We have unfortunately a back yard thats like a small hill and a gully at the rear that fills with water, sucks for mosquitoes but I suppose the mallards like it.

We went to our grandsons ball game tonight, way too cold for that but they played better then I have seen them so far. He even got the game ball for "tapping the rally", a term I haven't heard before but I like it. Meaning he got a hit late in the game and following that other kids got hits also and they scored some runs. I suspect they look for a reason to give each kid a game ball during the season and it was his turn. The best hitter they have is the only girl on the team, a stocky little blonde girl who his made contact every time I've seen her at bat. She's a good fielder too, hooray for womens lib.

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