Monday, May 11, 2009

Abother pen and ink

Another drawing in pen and ink, my favorite thing to use, adding a little color ok but my pleasure comes mostly from just doing the drawing in ink.

Yesterday was one of my favorite type of days, the wife off to her moms for mothers day and me with the house to myself, all quiet and peaceful. I love my wife of course but those short times when she is away are precious to me. "absence makes the heart grow fonder" as they say. I did actually manage to get some little work done, washing down the deck so we can stain it if we get a day without rain so it can properly dry. We have a power washer but it only gets used for the deck and hadn't been used since last year if not maybe two years. It wouldn't start of course, has a little reset button that you have to use before powering it and I'm messing with that a good half hour, reseting it, trying different outlets, using my best cuss words and kicking it, looking for that special spot that fixes things like when we used to slap the side of the television to make it clear up and if your old enough you know what I mean and know it worked.
Anyway it finally did start, maybe the kicks or the cussing not sure but it was only short term, maybe four, five minutes of high pressure cleaning and it stopped. I tried a few more times but it wouldn't start and I couldn't face another half hour of cussing and kicking and besides with all the water I had spread around I was beginning to think about electrocution. With nobody home I could cook pretty well done by the time things shorted out.
Anyway I got as hot water I could from the tub and an old mop and used that to finish, probably as good as the power washer could do, nothing like old fashioned elbow grease. Now if mother nature can hold a few days we can finish and wife can get on with what she wants to do, this job holding everything up, not sure why but I don't ask too many questions.
Hope everyone elses mothers day was good and your appliances all are running fine for you.

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