Friday, February 19, 2010

Her Car

Same as usual. inks and watercolor pencil.

Took our two newest kittens in to have them neutered yesterday, $200 for the two or them.

As most men might I felt a certain amount of quilt doing it but if you don't they spray and we have a pack of feral cats around the neighborhood as it is. In fact thats where these two came from as the lady next door kind of takes them in and cares for the litters as they pop up or out whichever term you prefer. She does get the females in to fix them when she can but catching a feral cat isn't such an easy thing.

Anyway the kittens came home seeming not to have noticed they were missing anything they had left with, a bit wobbly at first ( as was I after paying $200) but a day later and they seem back to thier happy selves.

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