Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wow, a Post

Well over a month since my last post, a new "worst" record. I try to avoid making excuses but I had a birthday since my last post, number 60 which I find particularly depressing. Fifty slipped by easy as it marked the official retirement age for my former occupation but sixty is nothing to look forward to, just a "getting old" milemark. Oh well, I don't feel much different, some days I feel like sixty and some days I feel older or younger, all evens out. I still find myself wondering what I'm going to do when I grow up though and wondering if it's just me or if my dad or grandpa felt like that ( they always seemed grown up to me but then maybe I seem that way to my son and grandson and other "kids". It's been warming the last week anyway here in Chicagoland, 30's and maybe a low 40 a day or two, rained all last night, lot better then snow. We celebrated my step sons birthday today, not to be stuck on the age thing. He's forty one and still seems a lot like a kid to me so that must be the answear to my quandry, all depends on what spot your looking at it from.

The drawing is pen and ink, the gent in front from a cabinet card I bought and the rest just made up. I have been drawing this whole time but not finishing much, also a reason for not posting. That will happen, either uninspired or just frustrated at getting it down on paper. I'll try to make it more frequent, have to see what happens. Hope anyone reading had a good Christmas and the rest of the days as well.

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